Planned acting instead of reactingData-driven maintenance and calibration

In traditional reactive or preventive maintenance, analysis of problems and troubleshooting actions are performed only when errors or malfunctions have occurred. Maintenance is performed at pre-defined intervals. These methods can lead to significant downtime or high maintenance costs.

The IconPro Predictive Maintenance Platform uses measurement and production data of machines, sensors and measuring systems. The objective is to maintain machines and systems with foresight preventing errors and minimizing downtimes at the same time. In addition, the cost-optimized interval for the respective preventive maintenance is found.

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Your advantages

Minimum calibration costs
Ensured test process suitability
Minimum downtimes

Predictive maintenance for measuring systems

Quality managers or measuring room managers keep track of the system state of your measuring systems and benefit from recommendations regarding the next calibration or maintenance procedures.
Based on data from:

  • historical measurement campaigns,
  • intermediate tests,
  • frequent calibrations
  • control parameters
  • external sensors

the condition of your measuring systems is recorded.
Intelligent machine learning algorithms for regression and anomaly Analysis allow to predict the future course of the measuring instrument capabilities and to recognize unplanned events.

This solution allows to automatically recommend and initiate calibrations or maintenance actitivities planned in advance rather than following rigid and more costly calibration or maintenance intervals.
At the same time, the capability of measuring processes is ensured, documented and visualized for verification within the framework of audits for example.

Best practices

Coordinate measuring machines

Minimization of high calibration costs for measuring room and shop floor

  • Access to control data for any CMM
  • Optimized fleet Manegement for various systems
  • Permanent availability and visualization of the system state
  • Feed-back loop into manufacturing process

Wave and form measuring instruments

Web-based overview of all systems used and their measuring capabilities

  • Overview about system state
  • Common measurement data formats for data exchange
  • Indirect control access

Diffenrent measuring systems

Minimization of downtimes through selective calibrations and maintenance

  • Availability of information on different measuring systems
  • Dynamic scheduling of measurment campaigns
  • Dynamic scheduling of calibration procedures
  • Comparability of measurement results

Your advantages

Reduced maintenance costs
Minimum downtimes
Reduced tooling costs

Predictive maintenance for machine tools

Production or maintenance manager keep track of the system state of machine tools and benefit from recommendations for the next maintenance procedures or tool change. Wear and process-relevant parameters such as traverse paths, power consumption, vibrations, temperature deviaitions etc. are recorded via control interfaces or external sensors.

Applying modern machine learning algorithms, trends and anomalies in the data are detected and potential failures are predicted.
The IconPro Predictive Maintenance Platform allows to reduce costs by:

  • improving maintenance schedules
  • reducing quality deviations caused by tool wear
  • optimizing resource consumption
  • running processes and systems at the optimal state etc.

Best practices


Visualized predictions and selective maintenance before failures occur

  • Access to control data
  • External sensors

Tool wear

Optimized tool change depending on machine and workload

  • Access to control data
  • Use of additional sensors if required

On-machine measurements

Capable measuring processes on the machine tool ensured by dynamic calibrations

  • Standard measurement data format
  • Intermediate tests for improved workpiece quality
  • Access to control data and external sensors
  • Quality ensurance according to international DIN ISO standards

Your advantages

Minimized downtime
Increased process reliability
Reduced maintenance costs

Predictive maintenance for production plants

As a production manager, keep track of the system state of your systems and benefit from recommendations for necessary maintenance or selective component repairs. By recording wear and process-relevant parameters such as power consumption, vibration, noise and control data, it is possible to identify trends in the data and predict failures.

Modern machine learning algorithms for regression and anomaly analysis are used for this purpose. The IconPro Predictive Maintenance Platform helps to reduce costs. Maintenance technicians can be optimally dispatched via a notification function and downtimes minimized.

Best practices

Process engineering

Early detection and localization of anomalies in chemical plants

  • Access to control data
  • External sensors

Assembly plants

Optimized and dynamized maintenance intervals with consideration of system and its utilization rate

  • Access to control data
  • Additional sensors as required

Injection molding systems

Monitoring and prediction of wear of injection moulds

  • Access to control data
  • External sensors

Platform Functions

Automatic data upload

Measurement data and control data are automatically and securely uploaded in a central database by our data uploader.

Recommendations and alerts

Intelligent data analysis automatically derives recommendations for next maintenance or calibration from historical data and generates anomaly alerts.

Machine Learning Evaluation

The latest anomaly detection and regression analysis algorithms are applied to the uploaded data.

Automatic notifications

The most important stakeholders of the predictive maintenance platform are automatically notified by e-mail about an event or with a regular report.

Web-based dashboards

Appealing dashboards in your web browser provide a quick overview of the status of all integrated systems anytime, anywhere.

Data protection

You retain sovereignty over your data and decide who can access it. The data is stored either in a secure cloud or on-premise.

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