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IconPro wins the Spin-Off Award

We are happy to announce that IconPro is a Spin-Off Awards 2020 winner. The RWTH Spin-off Award is the only official award for outstanding spin-offs from the RWTH Aachen University. The winners are examples of innovation, successful knowledge and technology transfer, and play an important role for future start-up entrepreneurs.

RWTH Spin-Off Award 2020

Markus Ohlenforst is honoured with the Borchers Badge

We are pleased to announce that Markus Ohlenforst (Managing Director, IconPro) has been honoured with the Borchers Badge for his outstanding doctoral examination.
The Borchers Badge is an award given by the RWTH Aachen University to its doctoral students, who obtained an excellent grade in their doctoral examinations. The prize is awarded in the form of a badge of honour.


IconPro cooperates with IHI and Hexagon in new project

In a new project IconPro cooperates with IHI and Hexagon to integrate predictive quality and predictive maintenance solutions into the series production of turbochargers. The aim is to reduce costs and waste and increase productivity. We are looking forward to tackling this new challenge.

IHI | Website

IconPro wins VDI Best Paper Award

We are pleased to announce that Markus Ohlenforst (Managing Director, IconPro) has won the Best Paper Award for his presentation "AI-based evaluation strategies" at the 4th VDI symposium (test processes in industrial practice in 2019).


IconPro hosts hackathon with Fraunhofer IPT

On October 25th - 27th IconPro together with the Fraunhofer IPT held a hackathon on machine learning in production technology. Altogether more than 70 students took part, who worked on one of five possible problems in a group of 4-5 persons. Two of the problems were posed by IconPro. We would like to thank all participating students and the Fraunhofer IPT for hosting the hackathon. We are also especially pleased that two of the three winning teams have chosen an IconPro problem.